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Name:Ardeth Bay
Ardeth Bay

- Canon: The Mummy and The Mummy Returns (movies)

- Entering Hotel California: From 1935, after saying goodbye to the O'Connells at the end of The Mummy Returns.

- Description: 6'1" tall with shoulder-length, wavy dark hair, a neatly trimmed beard and dark eyes. Like all Medjai, he has tattoos on his face and hands, including heiroglyphs across his forehead. And, judging by the appearance of the far more scantily clad ancient predecessors of the Medjai, the tattoos also appear on his forearms, upper arms, shoulders, chest and legs. He has a lean, athletic build and is in his mid-thirties. Educated, his first language is Arabic, but he can also speak Ancient Egyptian, English and French fluently. He is highly trained in many forms of combat.

- History: Ardeth Bay is the leader of the twelve tribes of the Medjai: the direct descendants of the Medjai of Ancient Egypt, who acted as the Pharoahs' sacred bodyguards and secret police. Three thousand years ago, Pharoah Seti I was murdered by his traitorous mistress and her secret lover, the Pharoah's high priest. The mistress killed herself, believing the high priest capable of resurrecting her - and so he would have - but the Medjai caught up to the priest before the ritual could be completed, capturing him and subjecting him to the Hom Dai, which has been described as 'the worst of all Egyptian curses'. Buried alive with flesh-eating scarabs, the curse granted him eternal life, so that he might suffer his torture for all time, but as such made him a dangerous creature with supernatural powers should he be resurrected into our world. The Medjai were subsequently tasked for all time to watch over the creature's resting place (Hamunaptra, known as 'the City of the Dead') and prevent that from happening.

In 1926, a group of treasure hunters and amateur egyptologists came across the mummified priest and, ignoring Ardeth's warnings to leave Hamunaptra or die, accidentally woke him up. Ardeth then allied himself with adventurer Rick O'Connell and his group in order to stop the creature from destroying the world.

In 1935, the remains of the creature were dug up by a group of mercenaries led by none other than the reincarnation of Seti's mistress and Ardeth again worked with the O'Connells to stop it. The creature and its allies were determined to release the fearsome Army of Anubis, in order to use its power to subjugate the entire planet. Ardeth led all twelve tribes of the Medjai warriors into battle against the Army of Anubis, fighting against impossible odds, to win the O'Connells enough time to kill the army's commander and the creature, thus saving the world for a second time.

- Inventory: His sword, his desert garb (seen in both films), his dress robes (seen in the second film at the O'Connells' mansion), a thick leather falconer's glove, a Thompson machine gun, a journal belonging to his uncle (handwritten in Arabic).

- Disclaimer: Ardeth Bay does not belong to me, but to Universal Pictures. This journal is for roleplaying only and not for profit. Ardeth Bay is portrayed by actor Oded Fehr.

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"And for three thousand years, we - the Medjai - have kept watch."
-- Ardeth Bay
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